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2016 (China) International Digital Agricultural Technology Exhibition


Concurrent Events:


      2016 International Digital Agriculture Development Summit

      Latest Products & Technology Launch    



Exhibition Profile:


 Agricultural Intelligent Information Processing Technology;

 Agricultural Remote Sensing Technology and Geographic Information Systems;

 Precision Agriculture and Smart Equipment Technology;

 Agricultural Biological Environmental Control Engineering and Automation Technology;

 Technology on Rapid Detection of Agro-Food Safety and Farmland Environmental Quality Monitoring;

 Agriculture Things technology;

 Sensor and Data Acquisition Unit;

 Plant Physiological Monitoring Equipment;

 Irrigation & Environment Controller;

 Agricultural GPS Equipment;

 Agro-Food Detection Devices, Soil Testing Equipment, Environmental Monitors;

 Supporting Systems Software, Information Transmission Apparatus, etc.


Contact Info:


 Tel: +86 21 31082785 / Fax: +86 21 33275350

 Email: modernagri@utmglobal.cn

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