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ModernAgri Committee

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Visitors Guide  

Opening Hours and Entry:

Dec 2016       09:00 am--17:00 pm

Entrance is free of charge for visitors to the exposition arriving from abroad.

Visitors can register online, it's easy to make it:


Registered visitors can get special privileges

No need to register at the expo site:Visitors can exchange for visitor cards with registration comfirmation letter to enter the exhibition hall.

Get gifts:Visitors will have a chance to win gifts from the raffle host by committee.

Free E-News:Visitors will receive E-News regularly to grasp markert trends and enterprise information.

Target customers:You will have an opportunity to chat with target customers to expand your business and relationship.

Have the privilege to attend our seminar.


Registration system will be closed after 8/06/2016. Visitors should come to venue to register your information at the expo day.


ModernAgri Committee invite organizations from all over the world to visit our expo. We will provide best service for you.

Group Requirment:

At least 20 people, and make sure 15 members will be arrived at the expo.


NOTE: If you are having trouble in registering online, please send email to us or download the registration form, fill it out and send back to us. We will reply in 24 hours.)


ModernAgri Committee


Tel: 021-3108 2785  Fax: 021-3327 5350

Email: jingjing.qi@utmglobal.cn

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