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ModernAgri Committee

Contact Person:  Jodie

 Tel: 86-21-31297593
 Fax: 86-21-33275350

 Add: 355# MoLin Rd, 

        Shanghai Railway Mansion

Participation Fee  

Details of Particiaption


Booth Type

·  For Bare Space, only corresponding clear space is provided without any facility and the design and fitment is under the responsibility of the exhibitors, on hire from 36 sq.m. Price: 300 USD / sq.m(indoor); 120 USD / sq.m(outdoor)

·  For Standard Booth, with area 3mx3m,Price: 3000 USD.  it is designed by international standard,contains 3 partitions, 1 Chinese-English lintel board, 1  table with 2 chairs, 2 lamps, one 220V/5A power socket. Standard booth on hire from 9 sq.m. Corner booth will be charged 10% corner fee.



 Register online or Send email to Committee


 Sign Up to Exhibit:

Please fill in the Exhibition Contract and send back to committee. Committee will send exhibitor comfirmation letter and payment notice after receiving the contract. 


 Make the Payment:

The exhibitor shall pay the contracted booth fee to the appointed account as deposit within 5 work days after signing thecontract. (The booth may not be retained if the payment is overdue. )


 Be Exhibitor Successfully:

Exhibitor will receive the Exhibitor Manual and other exhibition materials provided by committee. Exhibitor shall fill in the related forms in Exhibitor Manual according to the requirement and send to committee before the deadline.



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